Weekly WODs

Week of Monday, December 10, 2018 to Sunday, December 16, 2018

CrossFit Wilsonville Weekly Program December 10-14, 2018
Monday December 10, 2018
Warm Up: EMOM 8
1-   Run/Bike/Row
2-   Wall Squats
3-   Spider Walk
4-   Banded Shoulder Symmetry
Coach Prep/Barbell Warm Up
5 Good Mornings
5 Behind the Neck Snatch Push Press
5 OH Squats
5 Dip Drive Shrug
5 Dip Drive High Pull
5 Muscle Snatch
5 Power Snatch
Skills: Barbell Complex
Every 2 Minutes for 12 minutes (6 Rounds)
2 Power Snatches + 3 OH Squats (Build in Weight)
Coaches should identify athletes that need to perform this on plates
WOD: 10 Rounds Time Cap 10 Minutes
6 Bodyweight Deadlift (RX, Masters RX) Scaled ¾ BW, Beginner ½ BW
6 Box Jumps
Immediately Run/Jog/Walk 600 M
Midline:5 Rounds of 10 Tuck Ups + 10 Snap to Tight Arch
ROM:Lacrosse Ball Roll Feet + 2 Minutes Brettzels Each Side + 1 Minute Thread the Needle Each Side
Pull Up Challenge Week 3
Set 1: 5 Reps, Set 2: 10 Reps, Set 3: 8 Reps, Set 4: 8 Reps , Set 5: 10 Reps
Rest as Needed between Sets
With the volume rising we will now complete Day 2 Each Week on Friday to give the athlete plenty of time to recover.  Therefore these pull-ups can be complete on Monday-Friday, Tuesday-Friday, Tuesday Saturday, or Weds-Saturday

Warm Up EMOM 8
1-   Run/Bike/Row
2-   Inchworm + Perfect Push Ups
3-   Waiter Grip OH Squat + Pass Throughs
4-   Jump Rope Singles Everyone
Coach Prep  
Skills: Shoulder Specific/Intensive/Rehabilitation
3 Rounds
12 Rep Behind the Neck Strict Press (Build in weight) Jerk Grip
Max Ring or Bar Hang (The Goal is to Accumulate 4 Minutes)
After the 4 Rounds take 90% of your last set of Behind the Neck press and complete 12 more Reps Behind the Neck
WOD: For Total Reps
6 Rounds or Scale 5/4 Rounds
1 Minute of Bike/Run/Ski/Rowing for Calories (You choose or mix)
1 Minute of Air Squats
1 Minute of Double Unders Scale: Singles
Rest 1 Minutes
Keep track of each round total reps
Posterior Chain:4x25 Barbell Good Mornings
ROM:Lacrosse Ball Roll out Feet + 2 Minutes Seated Saddle + 3 Minutes Bottom of Squat Hold

Warm Up 8
1-   Run/Row/Bike
2-   Russian KBELL Swings
3-   Lateral Step Overs
4-   Cuban Press Complex
Coach Prep: Review KBELL Clean and Jerk

Hero WOD:
The Woodburn Bank Bombing of 2008 hits home to many of our CFW family and other CrossFitters around the region. Please read and I hope you all find the time to honor Senior Trooper Bill Hakim and Captain Tom Tennant on Monday. Thanks for your time. –Will
On Dec. 12, 2008, Bruce and Joshua Turnidge planted a bomb in bushes outside The West Coast Bank in Woodburn, Oregon as part of a plot to rob the bank. But the plot went awry when police officers thinking the bomb was a hoax, moved the device inside the bank and attempted to analyze it.

The blast tore through the bank, killing Oregon State Police Senior Trooper William Hakim and Woodburn Police Capt. Tom Tennant. The blast critically injured Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell and wounded bank employee Laurie Perkett.
Chief Russell said, "The murder of a police officer is a terrible thing," he said. "It's an attack on every citizen, because they're the ones we represent when we wear the badge."
Please join us in honoring Senior Trooper Bill Hakim and Captain Tom Tennant.
WOD: Complete the following with a weighted vest or body armor:
Run 1 Mile or Row 2000 M
8 Rounds
12 Hanging 1-Hand KBell Clean and Jerk 55/35
12 Burpee Jump Over KBell
Run 1 mile or Row 2000 M
Run 800 M or Row 1000 M
8 Rounds:
12 KBELL Power Swings
12 Burpee
Run 800 M or Row 1000 M
Time cap will be determined in each class setting.  If athletes want to stay after the class is over and complete the WOD then go for it.
Reflection and ROM:3 Minutes of 4-Count Breathing + 10 Minutes of mobility
OLY Week 5
A.    Squat Therapy + Hip Flow + Banded Shoulder Symmetry
B.    KBELL Warm Up: 3 Rounds of 5 Reps Double KBELL Clean + Thruster
C.    Back Squat 5 Reps @60%, 5 Reps @70%, 4x5 @80%
D.   Clean and Jerk: 4+1 @60%, 4+1 @70%, 4+1 x 3 Sets @80%
E.    Snatch High Pull 4x4 @90%
F.    Push Press (Optional) 4x5 Build in Weight

Warm Up
1-   Run/Row/Bike
2-   Samsun Lunge + Air Squats
3-   Cat Camel
4-   Banded Shoulder Symmetry
Coach Prep
Skills: Shoulder Specific/Intensive/Rehabilitation
3 Rounds Not For Time
3-5 Turkish Get Ups Each Side 
5 Suit Case Deadlifts Each Side (Moderate Weight) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghhGp97KOcw
WOD: 5 Rounds
Sandbag Carry Down and Back (any style) 150/100 or 70
10 DBELL Step Overs (2-Bells 20 inch Box Everyone)
12/8 Calorie Bike (Sprint)
Rest 1 Minute
Score is 5 splits
Midline:115 Hollow Rocks
ROM:2 Minute Box Shoulder Stretch + 3 Minutes Couch Stretch Each Side

Warm Up
1-   Run/Bike/Row
2-   Wall Angels
3-   Wall Squats
4-   Spider Walk
Coach Prep/PVC Warm Up
5 Good Mornings 
10 Pass Throughs
5 Back Squat
10 OH Squat
5 Front Squat
Skills: Overhead Squat
5 Reps @50%
4 Reps @60%
3 Reps @70%
3x2 @80%
Rest 1 Minute Between Sets
Coaches should identify athletes that will benefit from squatting on plates.  
WOD: For Time (Thanks Coach Bri J)20 Minute CAP
400 M Run or 500 M Row
30 T2B Scaling: Knee Ups or Sit Ups
15 Back Squat from the Ground RX+ 65% RX 135/85, Masters 115/75, Scaled 95/65
400 M run
24 T2B
12 Back Squat
400 M Run
18 T2B
9 Back Squat
Pull Up Program
Set 1: 6, Set 2: 11, Set 3: 9, Set 4: 9, Set 5: 11
A.    Class Warm Up 
B.    OH Squat Program
C.    Snatch 4@60%, 4@70%, 3x4 @80%
D.   Romanian DL (From the top of the DL to just below the knee) 4x5 Reps
ROM:2 Minutes Couch Stretch + 2 Minutes Brettzel + 1 Minute Seated Saddle + 2 Minutes Banded Shoulder Symmetry