Bri Rudolf

Level 2 Coach

Bri is a level 2 CrossFit coach, with a BS in Health Studies from PSU. She also practiced as an LMT and Doula while going to college. She is always ready to talk about health and wellness and scale any workout to meet the athletes ability, especially regarding injuries and the time during pregnancy and postpartum. 

She has always competed in athletics, focusing on soccer and long distance running through high school and college. It her was love for being challenged  and team support that drew her to Crossfit in 2012. She started at Crossfit Wilsonville with her family in 2014. Mainly so she could train with her friends while her kids participated in kids crossfit right next to her.

Since then Bri has competed in competitions in both Oregon and Washington. Qualifying for The Cascade Classic in 2015, Qualifying in the top 200 Masters in the world in 2017. She has competed at Fort Vancouver both as an individual and as a team, and has enjoyed many other local competitions with friends and her husband.

You will find Bri coaching or taking class or training with her buddies most times of the day. She will jump into any workout, anytime and push herself and you to be your best in that moment.  Her favorite part of class is watching athletes do a little more than they did the day before.