Bob Charpentier

Level 1 Coach

Bob Charpentier is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and has attended the Vanquish Olympic Weightlifting Seminars. He started CrossFit in 2012 when CFW opened. Bob grew up playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. CrossFit has enhanced his competitive drive. He is stronger now at 39 then he was at 29.

Bob is a sergeant with the Oregon state police and has been a law enforcement instructor for over 13 years.

What he likes most about CrossFit is the functionality of the movements and how they transition to everyday life. He has become more resistant to injury, is healthier, and his mobility has skyrocketed.

Bob’s wife and kids do CrossFit, and the whole family has made CrossFit a cornerstone of their life together.

Bob became certified because he believes in what CrossFit does for each person. It’s a little different for each of us, but overall we become physically stronger, more confident, mentally stronger, and gain the ability to adapt to all situations through hard work. There’s nothing more satisfying than reaching a goal and setting the next one a little farther ahead.

He has four rules for each workout:
  1. Technique!
  2. Mobility: mash, roll, sheer, repeat.
  3. Leave it all on the gym floor: some days you have more to give than others, but, in the end, leave it all at the box.
  4. Have fun and work hard!