Bethany Fugate

Level 1

Bethany Fugate has been a member of CFW since the doors opened in January 2012. She holds both the Crossfit Level 2 and Crossfit Olympic Lifting certificates. 

Bethany has always been active, playing many sports growing up and continues to play soccer. Crossfit reignited her drive to be healthy both inside and out. Her favorite movements always involve a barbell. 

There are many reasons she loves CFW, but the community is number one. The best part of coaching for Bethany is getting to work with athletes of all levels. She strives to help athletes find the drive and passion within themselves to improve their overall health. One of her favorite coaching moments is the excitement on an athletes face when they are successful on a movement or lift.

You can usually find her coaching or working out in the evening. When not in the gym, she can be found working her regular job or hanging with her husband and two kids.